Paul Mihailidis, Associate Professor and Co-Director of the Engagement Lab @ Emerson College, conducted a multi-year research project exploring how youth use social media to engage in civic life.

One of the key findings published in his book Media Literacy and the Emerging Citizen: Youth, Engagement and Participation in Digital Culture, is that youth engage in social networking and cultural sharing in dynamic ways, but have trouble recognizing how their digital applications provide productive connectivity, vibrant communication, and diverse information consumption in daily life.

Therefore, if students are not able to understand how social and mobile technologies enhance learning experiences, it will be hard for them to see the value that comes from informal or alternative learning pathways. That’s why we created a platform that combines digital literacy learning, user generated content, and game-based structures that’s easy to set-up, fun to play, and educationally powerful.

We created Emerging Citizens in order to understand how game based playful experiences can fill this gap

Easy to implement and play within a normal class time period

One game session lasts only 15 minutes from setup to final scores, leaving plenty of time to debrief, reflect, create, and connect the game experience to your own learning outcomes.

no installations, no downloads, no subscriptions, no problems.

You don’t need any expensive hardware and you don’t need to download and install any applications. All you need to play are internet enabled devices (one for each player or player group) and a classroom TV or projector connected to the internet.

Modular content system allows for subject specific lesson plans

Every piece of content lives under its own category, allowing teachers more flexibility over what subjects they want their play session to focus on. Some initial categories include US Politics, Race, Health, Science and Technology, and more!

Focused on learning through Lesson Guides and Activities

Each game is accompanied by activity guides and curriculum materials to help educators connect each game to learning objectives and provide general suggestions for how teachers can frame each lesson.

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