Bluff with Hashtags.

Race through Wikipedia.

Create amazing Memes.

Become an Emerging Citizen

Emerging Citizens is a free-to-play suite of digital multiplayer games that teach students how to critique and create civic media.


Tweets. Wikis. Memes.
The Games of Emerging Citizens.

Hashtag You're It is a hashtag bluffing game where players read tweets with a real, hidden hashtag and then make their own hashtag to fool players into thinking its the real one.

WikiGeeks is a realtime race played using Wikipedia that pits players against each other in a search for specific pages using only links embedded within articles.

Meme Punk is a creative meme generation game that asks players to visually contextualize and express large cultural topics by making memes and voting on them.

Emerging Citizens provides students and teachers an accessible, playful way to engage with civic media

No installations, no downloads, no logins, no problem!

Emerging Citizens is accessed and played through our website, so there is no need to download applications, worry about connecting devices to the same network, or remembering a username. See our simple steps below to learn how to start game!

Three games, three modalities, one easy-to-use platform

Emerging Citizens consists of three games: Hashtag You’re It, WikiGeeks, and Meme Punk. Each game encourages players to engage with cultural, educational, or political topics while focusing on a specific 21st digital modality (Memes, Hashtags, and Hyperlinks).

Lesson guides keep the focus on learning and discussion

Research driven lesson guides help facilitators teach students about hashtags, memes, and wikis within a media literacy context. In addition, lesson plans accompany content categories to help facilitators integrate Emerging Citizens into subject specific curriculums.

How the EmergingCitizens Platform Works

Emerging Citizens can be played with almost any device that can connect to the internet! No need to be on the same wireless network, no need to worry about bluetooth or having different devices. Every Emerging Citizens game starts the exact same way seen below, so once you learn how to launch one game, you’ll be ready to play all three!

The main screen is the game screen that can be seen by all players. This can be a TV, projector, large computer monitor, or any other device as long as all players can see it!

The player screen is private and each player has their own. Players can use any internet connected device such as a laptop, phone or tablet, as their player screen!

Select a game on your main screen via
to create a game lobby and room code.

Players join a game on their device via
by entering their name and room code

Once all the players have joined, click the start button on the main screen and the game instructions will appear. When you are ready, click the arrow in the bottom right to begin!

After each round the game will pause, allowing players to talk about the content. Just click the “go on to next round” button when everyone is ready.

The player with the highest score after 3 rounds will be the winner!

Show the world that YOU are an Emerging Citizen!

Design and Development Team

  • Principal Investigator Paul Mihailidis
  • Product Manager Jordan Pailthorpe
  • Lead Developer Johnny Richardson
  • Art Director Aidan O'Donohue
  • Outreach Coordinator Becky Michelson
  • Game Designer Sam Liberty
  • Junior Developer Erica Salling
  • Production Assistant Sarah Spiers
  • Production Assistant Matt Benson
  • Instructional Design Samantha Viotty
  • Instructional Design Elliot Higger
  • Instructional Design Maricel Etchegaray Centeno