Emerging Citizens Privacy Policy

Paul Mihailidis, PhD
Principle Investigator, Emerging Citizens
Professor, Emerson College

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

The Emerging Citizens Platform and tools were developed by faculty, staff and students at the Engagement Lab at Emerson College. The tools were built to be open and accessible to the public. The games and platform are designed to help people of all ages engage with the use of popular social technologies for civic purposes.

No identifying user data is collected or stored on our servers. As the platform was developed in the context of a research project, any publications about the design or use of the platform will only include data gathered from the Google analytics platform, including user counts, pages viewed, and region from which the tool was accessed.

All questions and inquiries should be directed to Paul Mihailidis, Associate Professor and Principal Investigator: paul_mihailidis@emerson.edu.

May 2019